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  1. by plamen

    Web test

  2. by Mush Brain

    Plamen! I love your site. It’s AWESOME!
    I hope your doing well. Long time no talk.
    I built a window. And I actually made a frame for it. Check it out.

    I am pretty happy about it. I actually built it without a light table. I really need to get one.
    It was a Christmas present for my dad.
    Clayton and I are planning on getting together and making some windows to sell.
    Anyways, I’ll try to remember to call you sometime.

  3. by Robson

    Your work is great! Keep it up!

  4. I came across your site. Your work is moving. Are you able to do any prints with your work? If so I’d like to buy them . . . and maybe even help you sell them if you are open to that. I think the stained glass look as a print would be interesting because if the detail in your work. I live in St. Louis. God Bless you and your family and your great work, and have a nice Easter weekend.

  5. by Нели Ганева

    Само, човек, надарен с талант, отдаден на работата си, може да сътвори такива творби. Наистина невероятен художник… Поздравления!

  6. by Янка Радкова

    Когато дойде време за подаръци, всеки търси най-стойностния!

  7. by Янка Радкова

    Аз съм поредния човек, който ще се присъедини към “аплодисментите”. Талантът Ви е изключителен! Желая Ви още поне 100 години да радвате хората с работата си.
    Вие сте много талантлив!Пожелавам Ви всяка ваша мечта да стане реалност!Поклон пред таланта Ви!

  8. Lovely, lovely painting ….. so glad to have “bumped into” your work on Facebook.

  9. by Harry Purnomo

    Whoahhh.. Your works are totally cool!!!

  10. by ann.m.geeks

    You amaze me with your art and beauty!

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